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The Middle Line Project is an educational and research body that researches social connection and how to achieve it. We provide consultation, information and insight that is all designed to foster unity, encourage dialogue and help humanity replicate the example of Nature in order to identify and support the integral system in which we live.

We have entered a new era where the positive results of unity areonly possible if absolute. The global integral world demands connection from humanity and when we can collectively agree on solutions, then we all collectively benefit. And that solution will not come from the left or the right exclusively, but from our ability to accept all things as being good and valuable in this world and striving to find the balance of what we perceive to be good or evil, dark or light. We call that balance, “the middle line”.

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True love comes from a genuine recognition that we are linked together and we are each responsible for the other. When we care about others as much as we do ourselves because we recognize that we are all part of one, unique and unified system, this means that we love...
April is a holy month for many people throughout the world. And whether you celebrate Passover, Easter, Ramadan, Vaisakhi, Vesak or something other, or you abstain as an agnostic or atheist, there is one thing that codifies our experience…
What could possibly be good about such an obvious crisis? Well, certainly the Corona Virus outbreak is a good thing, in that it presents humanity with a real opportunity...
What if we could preemptively strike at the heart and be in a constant form of love and bestowal to our neighbor (meaning all of humanity) before the blows of Nature come?

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