Bluey is an Australian produced family program that takes a very fun look at parenting through play. Each excellent and entertaining episode highlights how, through imagination and play, parents can teach an endless array of valuable lessons to their children with the need for scolding, punishment or, heaven forbid, yelling. Our entire family of humans […]

We Can’t Breathe

True love comes from a genuine recognition that we are linked together and we are each responsible for the other. When we care about others as much as we do ourselves because we recognize that we are all part of one, unique and unified system, this means that we love…

The Corona Clarion

April is a holy month for many people throughout the world. And whether you celebrate Passover, Easter, Ramadan, Vaisakhi, Vesak or something other, or you abstain as an agnostic or atheist, there is one thing that codifies our experience…

The Corona Benefit

What could possibly be good about such an obvious crisis? Well, certainly the Corona Virus outbreak is a good thing, in that it presents humanity with a real opportunity…

The Urgency for Change

What if we could preemptively strike at the heart and be in a constant form of love and bestowal to our neighbor (meaning all of humanity) before the blows of Nature come?

A Post Covid-19 World

We must come back into balance and the future society must be one where we have care and concern for each individual in it. Where we only take what we need individually and leave the rest for Nature.