Dear friends!

We are opening up a tremendous dissemination opportunity for anyone who is interested in working together to spread a method of connection to all of humanity. The project is called “The Middle Line” and it is the result of many years of dedication to study into the method of Corrected Reception, Integral Education, theatrical training, human observation and education and background in ego, humanities, social systems, etc. This platform for sharing a message and method for connection and will only focus on bringing awareness of the order of Nature, fulfilment, happiness and cooperation, care and concern and unity to the world. Together in this project, we will meet, discuss, coordinate and execute a plan for sharing our message through a variety of creative means such as:

  • writing
  • broadcasting (TV, film, video)
  • education
  • social-media¬†
  • education
  • music
  • art
  • more

Our potential is limitless and it will all fall under the umbrella of The Middle Line (TML).

Our plan of action:

  • Build creative teams that will develop a method of integral education that we can share with others.
  • Develop internal trainings for integral educators to improve presentational and other necessary media skills
  • Create a writer’s group that will work similarly to any professional publication (newspaper, magazine, publisher)
  • Develop programs that we can present to society
  • Collect, collate and study all existing integral education material from other internal and external sources.
  • Discuss and educate ourselves on existing philosophies, methods and organizations who are working to make humanity a better place through connection.
  • Create media (clips, memes, podcasts, programs, etc. that will spread and support our message and method.
  • Create a supportive, caring environment for ourselves in which we can learn, grow and disseminate our method of unity to all of humanity.

We currently are looking for the following. However, anyone who would like to be involved is welcome to join. The only limitation is in our desire!

  • graphic artists
  • illustrators
  • social media influencers
  • web builders
  • presenters
  • video editors
  • writers/contributors
  • content developers
  • educators
  • group coaches / team builders
  • administrators

If you are interested in joining the team please please fill out the form below.

For now, this is an unpaid, personally funded project but perhaps, someday, if we can successfully build our method up into a consultancy/educational/influential body, we will find ways in which we can monetize this project.