Starting in 2016 The Middle Line Project started testing its new technique for connection in various places throughout Europe and the United States. One of our most successful experiences happened in a small company, in a small town, in the small country of Slovenia. Two facilitators travelled to the town of Brezice three times over the course of four years and presented a method of connection to a group of managers of Komunale Brezice, a company that was tasked with the day to day operations of the city – everything from garbage disposal to sewage and park maintenance, etc.. The results we acheived there together with that group went beyond traditional team building and into a realm of something deeply unifying, bonding and lasting amongst all who participated.


For the first time, our people truly understood and also got the necessary tools to practice genuine “team work”. In the period of those two years, as our management team worked under Todd’s supervision, our company even won a national award in recognition of becoming the best employer in the country on the criteria of relations, team spirit, connection and efficiency. It was the first time we had ever even been considered for this award, and because of Todd’s special methods, we immediately won.

We came to the lowest rates of sick day leaves in the whole history of our company. Our people worked together as one and we were accomplishing record breaking turnover and profit one year after another. We are very lucky to have the chance to learn from him and his connection to the company is still very important for us to this day.

Aleksander Zupančič


Komunale Brežice