April is a holy month for many people throughout the world. And whether you celebrate Passover, Easter, Ramadan, Vaisakhi, Vesak or something other, or you abstain as an agnostic or atheist, there is one thing that codifies our experience. The Covid-19 virus has ensured that we are all observing one thing collectively. Social distancing, economic hardships, future uncertainty, inability to travel or being physically close to loved ones, health concerns, stress, fatigue and joblessness… the list is long. We are all now under the dominion of a pandemic.

If you believe in God, then perhaps it is easier for you to recognize His work in this Corona virus, even if you don’t exactly understand what His message is. Certainly though, we all believe in the power of Nature and we recognize that somehow, Nature is talking to us through this virus. As the days and weeks pass we are starting to really accept and understand that Nature has only begun to put us through the first phase of our correction from this virus, we feel a kind of burden that comes without discrimination and without clemency. We are facing pressures and upsets that reach every corner-pocket of the world and will leave no single one of us unaffected.

So, what is Nature saying to us? What is the message here and how must we respond? These are the questions we need to be asking and the conversations that we need to be having. From the outset it would appear that we are meant to distance and quiet ourselves and to a large extent we have done this. But like a good parent or teacher who puts a child in a “time–out”, this is not mean to be a period of punishment (Nature does not and cannot operate in this way) but, rather to take a moment of reflection. Children often get carried away in their activities and their developing egos can take things too far. As one’s mother used to say, “go to your room and think about what you have done”, Nature is doing that for us, literally.

We must think, not, “how can we solve this problem?” (which is rather not a problem at all but a solution) but contemplate, together what has led us to this situation we find ourselves in and through our realization of the message that Nature is bringing us, we need to act. The goal of these pressures from Nature is to lead us to a specific type connection. And we must determine not to focus on the impact of this virus but understand why it is happening. We must ask ourselves, “how does this pandemic develop us in our minds and our hearts to be more connected to the source and meaning of our lives?”. This is what we will begin to discover in the very near future, that this virus or the conditions which it has presented to us will not go away, and we will feel its pressures in quantity and quality until we act to change.

This is where we have to realize that this is Nature speaking to us. This is not just some random occurrence. We have to try to see, through this virus that there is a guiding hand that is directing us to respond with more consciousness and an attitude that this is not a “virus” but a force of intelligence that brings us closer to each other and to itself; in alignment with that source. The more we connect, not to the seemingly adverse effects of the virus but to the source that is aiming to correct us, the better off we will be and the faster.

We usually experience things as being negative when we look at it through our egocentric (self-centered) lens, but if we look at this correctly, and see that Nature is trying to bring us to a higher state of consciousness, that this force comes with love in order to correct and reshape us, then we will see the higher guidance through this unpleasant period. And we won’t just try to escape this virus with science and politics and economics, but rather that we will flow in the same direction that the force is trying to push us to. We won’t oppose it but rather we will support and embrace it. We will recognize this, not only as an opportunity for change but as a clarion call for our advancement. And we will do this cooperatively with our hearts and minds to create a devotion to Nature and adhere to its supreme guidance. We have to appreciate the higher intelligence at work here. That is aiming and guidance towards closer to itself. This, I believe is the true meaning of holiness in our world. I am wishing us all a safe, happy, healthy and most of all, united and successful holiday time this season.

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