(and how we can actually achieve it)

There is a palpable pressure felt in the world today. It seems to be coming in from all angles. Environmental, economic, political, social, global crises are occurring at a pace that our small, primate brains can no longer mitigate. Hell, even the bees are disappearing. And if one were to actually think about all our problems at once, be confronted by “all things global” all by our lonesome, well, overwhelmed would be an understatement. And so, the vast majority of us seek out a wild series of distractions. And / or we essentially bury our heads in our phones like little cyber camels and hope that the waves of uncertainty wash over humanity at just about the same time we’ve beaten our previous high score on Candy Crush and arrive at our platform on the morning commute.

But, in fact, the uncertainties of our times have already overwhelmed a great many of us. And the resulting mental bedlam has manifest itself into the form of opioid addiction, mass-shootings, mass migration, endless cyber-scams, sexual deviancy, extreme lefts and extreme rights, political swagger and all manner of corruption, crime and chaos. However, I am here to tell you that there is a reason and there is solution. There is even a method that we, all of humanity, can use to crawl out from under ourselves and reach a higher state of well-being and happiness. We could even, from the recognition of the cause of our current state and the relatively simple solution come to some form of love and bestowal between us.

I know it sounds pie-in-the-sky and by now you might think I’m some kind of a crunchy hippie or religious number who bangs a tambourine in a church band. But I hope this simple remedy will actually be taken extremely seriously, extremely soon. The solution is… are you ready for it?


Unity will set us free and that is the single undeniable truth. And even as you are reading these words you are thinking to yourself, “yeah, ok, unity, that’s true of course”. Because truth resonates and deep down we all understand that unity, connection between all people, is what is fundamentally lacking in humanity and if we were able to achieve it then we’d have a genuine Coca-Cola commercial, John Lennon, utopian moment on our hands. However, as easy as it is to say, we still have a problem. How do we even hope to achieve such a state amongst us? One might say, “don’t be naive. There’s something like eight billion people in the world. Are we all supposed to just wake up one morning and feel the need to care for each other, to love one another?”

It seems unlikely that we could do this on our own without a great wave of change to sweep over us and give us an opportunity. Fortunately, we have received the help that we have so desperately needed in the form of a pandemic. In fact, we have seen it many times in smaller forms and isolated places. Whether it’s a massive forest fire in Australia, a kids football team getting lost in a cave in Thailand, a tornado ripping through a small town in Oklahoma, a flood, hurricane, opioid epidemic, civil war, terrorist attack or mass casualty event, in all these cases that we have seen in recent years, communities have banded together in love and support in order to help one another and overcome the crisis.

So, here’s the question. What if we didn’t need this push to be closer to one another and to care about our neighbor? What if we could do it without Nature getting involved and forcing us to connect? What if we could preemptively strike at the heart and be in a constant form of love and bestowal to our neighbor (meaning all of humanity) before the blows of Nature come? I believe we are living in amazing and wonderful times now. This virus has come to offer us an alternative to our current egoistic and selfish selves. An opportunity to reinvent our reality to equal that of Nature and prove that we understand just how arrogant we have been and how vulnerable we are. If we can work within the bounds of the natural force that surrounds and controls us instead of trying to exploit and conquer that force, we will have passed the test of humanity and we will find salvation, faith and happiness in this new order. We will find ourselves and we, like Nature will work in altruism instead of egoism.

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